Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ

Healthy and Delicious Southern Inspired Fare

2804-L Randleman Rd, Greensboro NC 27406

Turkey Barbecue Sandwiches,
Crack-N-Cheese® & More

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About Us

Our History

Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ was inspired by Joe Roundtree, a purple heart recipient and Vietnam War veteran from Eastern NC. Joe received a heart transplant on 9/11 one year after a day that our nation will never forget. His inspiration for developing the eastern NC inspired turkey BBQ was his love for authentic NC pork BBQ but his awareness of the health consequences of the indulgence. While Joe was passionate about the venture he constantly thought about closing the business due to his desire to live out retirement. In a serendipitous manor, Mike N., a chemical engineer turned businessman was in the process of moving his family back to NC from a consulting job in Memphis Tennessee where by a mere bet, he competed in the Memphis in May World BBQ Competition. Mike and the team placed higher than many well known pitmasters. Despite Mike’s successful career in the corporate sector, he decided to follow his passion subsequently purchased the few remaining assets from Joe’s business and launched Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ. The mission of Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ is to provide delicious tasty southern inspired fare while supporting overall health.

Our Specialty

We offer wholesome, delicious, unique comfort foods through many different avenues.  You can catch us at the restaurant, favorite festival or fair, and soon-to-be at your local grocery stores.  If you have an event that that you think we should attend, let us know!  We are America’s favorite comfort food!.

We slow-smoke whole turkeys exclusively over hickory wood. BBQ is something that should not be rushed for it to reach its fullest potential. We serve only the choicest birds raised here in NC along with the freshest side dishes. Our authentic menu and atmosphere create a truly enjoyable experience.

Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ’s tender, tasty Turkey BBQ is the talk of the town. We have an exciting unique menu and always developing more options since we get really creative with our turkeys.

Our authentic menu and atmosphere create a truly enjoyable experience.

Be Audacious!!!

Yes, we have the audacity to be in the BBQ business in NC and not have any pork in our store!!!