Wait a minute…barbecue turkey?! In North Carolina?!


BBQ Turkey in NC? Oh, Yeah! This Greensboro Restaurant Makes It.

Author: WFMY News 2 Digital (WFMY)

Published: 11/22/2017 9:51:23 PM

Updated: 11:21 PM EST November 22, 2017

Wait a minute…barbecue turkey?! In North Carolina?!

Oh, yeah! And you can find it right here in the Triad.

Hickory Tree Barbecue in Greensboro actually makes turkey barbecue!

Hickory Tree BBQ Makes Turkey BBQ

The restaurant saw a steady flow of people the day before Thanksgiving, as folks picked up their special birds for Thursday’s feast.

The restaurant’s owner says it’s turkey unlike any you’ve had before. Hickory Tree BBQ even states on its website: Yes, we have the audacity to be in the BBQ business in NC and not have any pork in our store!!!

If you want to check out the restaurant, it’s on Randleman Road in Greensboro.